Our services

Transportation of petroleum products

We offer a wide range of services, including the purchase of petroleum products from refineries, their trans-shipment and storage, blending and delivery throughout the Far Eastern basin, including the most remote northern port-points, as well as East and South-East Asia.

Technically equipped fleet

Cargo quality safety

Environmentally concerned

Area manager: Victor Pankratov

Storage and transshipment of petroleum products

We carry out trans-shipment of low-sulfur and high-sulfur fuel oil, diesel fuel and all types of gasoline up to 1 million tons per year. We store up to 35 thousand tons at a time. We have the ability to produce petroleum products by blending. We carry out heating of fuel oil without using live steam. We guarantee the preservation of the original quality of petroleum products, including EURO-K5.

2 own tank farms

Front drain
34 cars

Professional blending equipment

Area manager: Alexey Smorchkov

Bunkering and export

We are a physical supplier of fuel in the Russian Far East. We supply up to 50,000 tons of bunker fuel every month. All bunkers over 200 tons are accompanied by an independent surveyor.
Bunkering and sampling is carried out according to the requirements of ISO 13739:2020.
We organize bunkering in Korea, Japan, China and other ports of the world.

Quality assurance

Delivery control 24/7

Experienced team